Brazilian Butt Lift Los Angeles

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Buttock implants, similar to those used on breasts, were once the most typical type of buttock augmentation. In recent years, however, the procedure popularly known as the Brazilian butt lift has emerged as the preferred choice of both patients and plastic surgeons.

Offering natural-looking results and a fuller, more voluptuous backside, a Brazilian butt lift is intended to improve the shape, size, and roundness of the buttocks through the use of fat transferred from elsewhere in the body. Compared to the prior use of implants, it allows the surgeon a great deal more freedom to sculpt an attractive and natural look that flatters the entire patient as well as being attractive on its own.


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How are most buttock augmentations performed?

Unwanted fat is obtained via liposuction from somewhere in the body – usually the waist, hips, or thighs – and strategically injected into the buttocks to be contoured by the surgeon. Although the primary purpose of the procedure is not intended to remove excess fat, it can slim down the appearance of the areas that fat is pulled from as a sort of bonus. While the final results can take several weeks to fully settle and heal, patients can expect a fuller, more attractive backside that can do wonders for their self-confidence when their recovery is complete.

Brazilian Butt Lift Week by Week

butt lift procedure week by week

Week 1

.Numbness, swelling and tingling in the abdominal area .Tightness in the buttock area .Generalized weakness, fatigue, and lightheadedness .Nausea, vomiting are expected .Eat an iron-rich diet .Stay hydrated .Must wear a special compression garment to minimize swelling and fluid retention .Avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for maximum fat survival .Avoid exercising and doing strenuous physical activities

Week 2

.Numbness and tingling .Burning and itching at night .Unassisted walking is allowed

butt lift procedure week by week

Week 3

.Reduced inflammation

.Wrinkling and pleats on the skin appear

.Massage liposuctioned areas

Week 4

.80% of pain, swelling, numbness, and soreness should be gone
.Continued massage and compression
.The final result is to be expected in week 6
.40-80% of fat may survive
.Asymmetries may occur
.Avoid pressure on the buttocks
.Physical exercise is allowed


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