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Renuvion in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Renuvion (J-Plasma) at West Empire Aesthetics

Tighten Up

As we age, our skin becomes slack and sometimes needs refreshing and lifting. Collagen and elastin production slows down with age; as collagen breaks down, it is not renewed quickly the older we get. UV rays also damage the skin and break down collagen and elastin. Surgical intervention is one way to alleviate this issue, but only some have the time or patience for surgery and the ensuing recovery time. At West Empire Aesthetics, we are pleased to offer patients in Los Angeles Renuvion. Contact our office today for a consultation and tighten up your slack skin!

Renuvion Los Angeles

What is Renuvion?

Heat Equals Tightening

Renuvion is an exciting non-surgical procedure to tighten and refresh skin. Also known by its alternate name J-Plasma, it’s an excellent way to tighten skin without invasive surgery, long downtime, and extensive surgical scars. As one of our top procedures at West Empire Aesthetics, Renuvion can be used as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with liposuction in some patients. In the Renuvion procedure, controlled heat is directly applied to the area needing tightening. With Renuvion Los Angeles patients can use it on multiple areas of the body, including:

  • Abdomen and sides (love handles)
  • Arms
  • Things
  • Lower face and neck
  • Knees

If you are bothered by slack skin, Renuvion may be an ideal solution.

What are the benefits of Renuvion?

Renuvion Los Angeles

Loose Skin Be-Gone!

Not everyone wants to have a surgical procedure, nor do they have time for the recovery associated with lift surgeries. Renuvion is an excellent alternative for people with mild to moderate slack skin who may or may not need to have fat removed. Renuvion increases collagen production in the skin, which in turn tightens the skin. Another considerable benefit of Renuvion is that it only takes one to two treatments to see full results, and the results are long-lasting. Renuvion is right for those with moderate to mild skin sagging and who do not want the hassle of surgery or downtime.

Your Renuvion Consultation

Great Skin Elasticity

When you arrive at our office for your consultation, we will take your full medical history, including a list of all medications you take and any chronic conditions you may have. The best candidates for Renuvion in Los Angeles at West Empire Aesthetics are those with mild to moderate sagging in treatable areas. Good skin elasticity is important because of the process by which the helium/RF plasma energy triggers a contraction in the skin that is only possible with skin elasticity intact. A surgical lift might be best for clients with severe sagging skin. We can discuss all of this with you at your consultation.

Your Renuvion (J-Plasma) Procedure

Contracting Tissues

The Renuvion procedure creates a small entry point just under the skin. These entry points are smaller than the ones used in liposuction and cause little to no scarring. Once in place, the device releases pro helium gas and radio frequency, creating a precise stream of energy or plasma into the skin. This radio frequency plasma energy creates heat which contracts the tissues under the skin to create firmer skin.

Renuvion Results

Tighter Skin is In!

Renuvion results really are amazing. You will begin to see results right away. Your skin will be tighter and firmer after your treatment, but the results will continue to improve over time. Because Renuvion stimulates collagen production, your skin will continue to show results for the next six to nine months. Results can last up to two years with proper care, including the careful application of sunscreen or avoiding harmful UV rays altogether.

Renuvion Recovery and Aftercare

Say Goodbye to Sag!

Immediately after having your Renuvion treatment, your skin will appear tighter. There may be some redness and bruising in the treatment area, which can last a few days to a week. This bruising and redness are easily hidden by makeup, however. Avoid vigorous exercise for about two weeks after the procedure. Renuvion gives you maximum benefits with minimal downtime and no invasive surgical procedure, so the recovery time is minimal. During your recovery period, stay hydrated, reduce salt intake, eat lots of protein, wear loose-fitting clothing, and walk daily to keep the blood flowing.

Renuvion Los Angeles

RenuvionFrequently Asked Questions

Renuvion is the newest minimally-invasive treatment for loose skin. Formerly known as J-Plasma, this device uses helium and a gentle stream of radiofrequency energy to create “cold plasma,” which causes significant contraction of the collagen-rich connective tissue beneath the skin. Most patients require only one treatment. Results are seen within a few weeks and may continue to improve for up to one year.

There is very little pain associated with Renuvion treatments. You will be under a local anesthetic, so discomfort is minimal.

The whole process takes 30 minutes to one hour to complete.

Renuvion can be used with or without liposuction to tighten skin almost anywhere on the body. Unlike other minimally-invasive devices which focus energy on the skin itself, Renuvion treats the layers under the skin, and the result is a three-dimensional “shrinkwrap” effect which can be achieved by itself or added to liposuction to enhance the result.

This is one of the most exciting aspects of this new treatment. Because it selectively affects the skin and connective tissue, Renuvion can provide superior skin tightening regardless of the amount of liposuction performed. Dr Rizvi has extensive experience with all relevant treatment options and will go over this with you during the consultation.

In some cases, yes. Dr Rizvi will work with you to plan a holistic approach to your transformation. While some procedures may be better carried out with the patient asleep, he will use awake anesthesia whenever feasible.

Because the treated areas are prepared the same way that they would be for liposuction, downtime after a Renuvion treatment is usually about the same as for lipo alone. If Renuvion is added to a liposuction procedure, there should not be any additional discomfort or downtime.

Renuvion is a newer treatment, but results from thousands of patients have shown that it lasts at least five years. And because of how the device works, we expect that the results could last even longer.

Dr Rizvi will spend time with you to understand your goals and expectations. Some patients may benefit more from an invasive procedure such as a facelift, brachioplasty, tummy tuck, or thigh lift. But Renuvion is an excellent option for someone with moderate skin laxity who wants to avoid the additional recovery time and any signs that they’ve had surgery.

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