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Facial Liposuction in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Facial Liposuction with West Empire Aesthetics

Define Your Look

If you have full cheeks, sometimes referred to as chipmunk cheeks or a baby face, Facial Liposuction in Los Angeles can help you achieve the sculpted look you’ve been looking for. A more streamlined facial appearance is possible at West Empire Aesthetics. We will make sure you are satisfied with your facial contouring procedure.

Facial Liposuction Los Angeles

What is Facial Liposuction?

Buccal and Submental Fat Removal

Facial liposuction removes the buccal fat from underneath the cheek muscles or submental fat from underneath your chin and neck area. As we age, these areas have a tendency to sag, causing you to look older than you feel. Patients who choose this procedure are looking for a sleeker, more defined look to their faces. A round, chubby face can cause a lack of self-confidence, and having this procedure can improve that. In addition, by sculpting the contours of your face and getting rid of buccal and submental fat, you can shave years off your look.

What are the benefits of Facial Liposuction?

Facial Liposuction Los Angeles

No More Chipmunk Cheeks

Facial liposuction is very safe and effective when performed by our board-certified surgeon Dr. Rizvi. Facial liposuction helps reduce the natural, stubborn fat in your cheeks and chin area. Unlike before, in today’s liposuction, there are very few complications that arise from the procedure. Our Los Angeles Facial Liposuction procedure can give you the contoured look that you see in magazines and on television.

Your Facial Liposuction Consultation

Contoured Cheeks

Anyone in relatively good health and bothered by buccal and submental fat is a good candidate for facial liposuction. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your desired outcomes for Facial Liposuction surgery. You should be close to your target weight and be a non-smoker. We will then take measurements and photographs of your face to determine which areas will benefit from treatment. This is the time to ask any questions about the procedure, recovery time and pricing. You are well on your way to a more confident and beautiful you.

Your Facial Liposuction Procedure

Sculpted Face

You will go under a general anesthetic for facial liposuction to minimize pain during your procedure. Then, small incisions are made under the chin and inside the cheek areas in the mouth. A thin tube, or cannula, is inserted into the desired area and moved back and forth to release the fat. The cannula is attached to a suction hose, which removes the fat, sculpts, and contours your face. By using these precise instruments and small incisions, we are able to reshape your face to a renewed beauty.

Facial Liposuction Results

Permanent Results

Fat cells are unique in that when removed, they don’t come back. Therefore, facial liposuction results are permanent. You will never grow fat in the area treated by liposuction. That doesn’t mean you won’t have fat appear in adjacent areas, so it is advisable to maintain stable body weight after Facial Liposuction. After the age of 25, your body cannot grow new fat cells, but the ones remaining can enlarge if you gain weight. Your face will be more contoured and sleeker, and your chin will be more prominent after facial liposuction. The results really will be stunning.

Facial Liposuction Recovery and Aftercare

Thinner You

After Facial Liposuction Los Angeles patients can expect to see swelling and bruising on the face from the back-and-forth movement of the cannula. This is normal. It will diminish after a couple of weeks. Your chin may look more prominent because of the swelling but don’t panic. The swelling will go down, and your results will be readily apparent in three to four weeks. We will bandage your face to help reduce swelling and to keep the face stable. It is important not to engage in strenuous activities for the first week after facial liposuction. Keep your head elevated as much as possible. Try not to lie down, as this compounds facial swelling. Instead, sit up and gently walk around. This will help mitigate swelling.

Facial Liposuction Los Angeles

Facial LiposuctionFrequently Asked Questions

Yes, removing fat from the cheeks and the under chin area will give your face and your whole body a leaner, more contoured look.

There is very little pain associated with the actual surgery or recovery. Any post-operative pain associated with Facial Liposuction can usually be alleviated with over-the-counter medication.

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