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Awake Liposuction in Los Angeles, CA

Less Recovery Time,Same Contoured Results

Recovering from surgery and anesthesia can be long and challenging, especially for those particularly sensitive to anesthesia medications. If you're looking for a way to remove some unwanted fat and don't want to go through the trouble and higher risk of general anesthesia, there is an alternative. Only local anesthesia is used with awake liposuction, so sculpting the body contours to create a more toned and proportionate appearance can be achieved. At the same time, you are fully alert and aware.

Awake Liposuction at West Empire Aesthetics

At West Empire Aesthetics, we take pride in delivering premier service and remarkable results. Led by sought-after Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Mort Rivzi, our dedication to excellence resonates in every procedure we undertake. Our Los Angeles Awake Liposuction patients receive nothing less than exceptional care and stunning outcomes at our luxurious facility.

What is Awake Liposuction?

Awake liposuction, also known as local anesthesia liposuction, is an innovative approach to body contouring. This procedure is a form of tumescent liposuction where only local anesthesia is used instead of being fully put under general anesthesia, and the patient is awake throughout the procedure. The targeted area is infused with a tumescent solution containing lidocaine and epinephrine to numb the area and reduce bleeding.

Awake Liposuction Los Angeles

How Is Awake Liposuction Different?

Awake Liposuction vs Traditional Liposuction

Awake liposuction and traditional liposuction are both procedures aimed at removing unwanted fat from specific areas of the body; however, there are important differences. Traditional liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia or intravenous sedation to put the patient to sleep during the operation. Awake liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia. Since awake liposuction does not come with the risks, side effects, and recovery involved with general anesthesia, it can be safe, low-risk, with minimal downtime, but still a highly effective alternative.

Benefits of Awake Liposuction

Awake Liposuction Los Angeles

Self Confidence

Enjoy a slimmer, smoother, more contoured abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, and more with innovative awake liposuction. Sometimes even with dedicated exercise and healthy eating, small stubborn pockets of fat can be nearly impossible to get rid of. With Awake Liposuction Los Angeles patients can see that fat disappear. Our awake liposuction patients see benefits including:

  • Effective body contouring
  • Eliminate stubborn pockets of fat
  • Avoid the risks of general anesthesia
  • Faster, easier recovery period
  • Ease anxiety about "going under"

Am I a candidate for Awake Liposuction?

Do it for You

Great candidates for Awake Liposuction should have unwanted pockets of fat they'd like to eliminate and be in overall good health. Those with excessive sagging skin or who weigh over 30 percent more than their goal weight may not be good candidates.

Consultation and Preparation

A consultation is the best way to determine if this procedure is right for you. We'll discuss your goals, preparation requirements, and recovery expectations at a private and personalized consultation.

Your Awake Liposuction Procedure

Local Anesthesia

During your Los Angeles Awake Liposuction procedure, your surgeon will administer a tumescent solution consisting of a local anesthetic, epinephrine, and saline to the treatment area. This solution numbs the area, minimizes bleeding, and facilitates the removal of excess fat. A thin cannula is inserted into the targeted area through very tiny incisions, which gently break up and suction out unwanted fat deposits. Typically this procedure lasts about one to four hours.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Be Patient

Recovery time after Awake Liposuction is generally shorter compared to traditional liposuction, with patients often able to return to work and resume light activities within a few days to a week. It's important to follow the post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon for optimal healing. Final results are usually noticeable after one month.

Is Awake Liposuction permanent?

The fat cells removed during Awake Liposuction are permanently eliminated from the treated areas. However, it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, to prevent new fat accumulation in other areas of the body.

Awake Liposuction Los Angeles

Why choose West Empire?

With extensive experience in medical aesthetics, Dr. Mort Rizvi and our entire team recognize the importance of exceptional patient care along with offering a welcoming and luxurious environment. At West Empire Aesthetics, we are committed to assisting you in achieving your aesthetic aspirations and enhancing your overall well-being.

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Awake LiposuctionFrequently Asked Questions

The treatment area is fully numbed to prevent pain and minimize discomfort. Some patients may still experience a mild level of discomfort or feel some sense of pressure during the procedure.

Since the risks associated with general anesthesia are eliminated, Awake Liposuction is a safer option than traditional liposuction for many patients.

The length of the procedure depends on the extent of treatment, the patient's anatomy, and the area or areas being treated. Typically Awake Liposuction lasts around one to four hours.

The recovery time is generally shorter compared to traditional liposuction, with patients often able to return to work and resume light activities within a few days to a week. Experiences can vary, but most patients can expect some swelling, bruising, and soreness in the treated area.

The cost of Awake Liposuction will vary depending on the treatment area, the amount of fat to be removed, and whether additional treatments, such as Renuvion, will be part of the treatment plan.

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