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Botox in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Botox at West Empire Aesthetics

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Good skin care is important for everyone. Botox, the gold standard of cosmetic procedures, is the first and the best treatment for wrinkles, crows feet, and frown lines in adult men and women. Botox injectables have the dual benefits of great results and minimal downtime. In Los Angeles, your go-to Botox provider is West Empire Aesthetics. Contact us today for a consultation and create a more beautiful you.

Botox Los Angeles

What is Botox?

Smooth Face? No Sweat!

Botox is one of the most popular and best-known cosmetic procedures. Botox is a neuromodulator, which simply means it is an injection that relaxes the underlying muscle and smooths the skin. Botox is the only neuromodulator approved by the FDA for use as a cosmetic wrinkle relaxer as well as to treat excessive sweating and other common medical issues. Our Los Angeles Botox treatment can also work on other areas of the body. During your consultation, we will discuss your aesthetic goals and needs and decide in which areas Botox is right for you.

What are the benefits of Botox?

Botox Los Angeles

Fast Acting

Botox has minimal downtime and very little pain associated with the procedure. Not only can Botox fix existing wrinkles, but it can also keep new wrinkles from forming. As you continue to use Botox, the muscles themselves begin to relax more, and the wrinkles subside. Botox will never leave you looking frozen or unnatural. In addition, Botox is known to alleviate and treat the symptoms of TMJ, reduce migraines and excessive sweating. During your consultation, Dr. Rivzi will determine how to best treat your skin concerns.

At West Empire Aesthetics, we are trained to provide this product to our clients, and we will leave you looking natural and refreshed, not frozen and artificial. Botox is also fast acting. You may begin to notice results 24 to 48 hours after your treatment.

Your Botox Consultation

Doctor-Led, Patient Focused

Anyone who is bothered by wrinkles, frown lines, or crow's feet can benefit from Botox injections. If you are in good health, 18 or older, are not pregnant or nursing, and do not have any disease that would preclude you from having Botox injections, then you are a good candidate for Botox. However, if you have muscle conditions such as ALS or MS, you should avoid receiving Botox injections.

Your Botox Procedure

Subtle Changes

Once the area to be treated has been cleaned, your aesthetic specialists will inject Botox using a very fine needle. You might feel pinching during the injection, but other than that, it shouldn't hurt too much. The entire treatment takes no more than fifteen to twenty minutes, and you can drive yourself home immediately afterward.

Botox Results

Natural Beauty

Botox and other neuromodulators take time to work. The results may not be noticeable for up to 48 hours in certain cases. However, you should expect them to last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, and after a few treatments, you'll start to see stunning results. Injection maintenance may be required for some patients. Therefore, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with our aesthetic specialists so that together you can figure out the best Botox treatment plan.

Botox Recovery and Aftercare

Beauty You Can Bet On

After receiving Botox Los Angeles patients may have some redness at the injection sites and some possible bruising. This can be mitigated with ice packs on the first night. Don’t lie down for at least three to four hours after Botox injections. Don’t tan or go to a sauna or hot tub for at least four hours after the procedure, as these all cause bruising to be more prevalent. Other than that, you are free to go about your daily activities without restriction.

Botox Los Angeles

BotoxFrequently Asked Questions

No, anyone over 18 who is bothered by frown lines, crow's feet, or lines and wrinkles in the forehead can benefit from Botox injections.

Botox injections last anywhere from three to four months; however, the more regularly you get Botox, the better your results will continue, as the underlying muscles will remain relaxed and new wrinkles will not form.

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