Almost three decades ago now, Dr. Zein Obagi, of Obagi Medical Products, helped redefine what the world understood about comprehensive medical skincare. The philosophy introduced by Dr. Obagi led to the creation of some of the most famous and comprehensive medical skincare solutions in the world. Today, Dr. Obagi has introduced a new medical skin care line, the ZO® Medical Therapeutic Solutions line that will now be offered at West Empire Medical Spa. This new line gives a more advanced skin care therapy that bridges the gap between skin care and therapeutics for the skin.

The ZO® range of products offered by West Empire Medical Spa provide a comprehensive range of products intended to maintain optimal results of therapeutic treatments that enhance the appearance and health of skin. These products are also ideal for taking care of the daily health of skin, and protecting users from the threats of the environment, like dryness and sun damage.

No matter the age, or specific circumstances of the patient, ZO® medical skin care products provide result-oriented therapies that were designed and perfected to meet your specific needs. With West Empire Medical Spa, you can utilize ZO® products to achieve clinically proven results, capable of not only maintaining strong, smooth skin, but also creating an appearance that is fully hydrated, firm, and evenly toned.

There are four main pillars to the ZO® medical skin care products range:

Therapeutic: The therapeutic ZO® treatments are those provided by healthcare professionals using unique protocols and prescribed products to correct skin conditions that are recognized by medical experts.

Maintenance: These products are designed to prevent the possible re-occurrence of any particularly stubborn or persistent skin problems. As a result, they can help to keep healthy skin strong, while acting and looking younger.

Daily skincare: These products are the everyday essentials that you need to promote optimum cellular function, and thereby achieve healthier, younger-looking skin.

Prevention: Designed to prevent the natural damage caused by effects of DNA, UV rays and more, the prevention products protect the skin from the aggressors that exist throughout our environment, which can negate sunny skin health. As a result, you actively protect your skin from the world around you.
Who is Suitable for Using ZO®?

The ZO® medical skin care products that are offered by West Empire Medical Spa can be useful for many different skin-related issues. Whether you suffer from specific problems, such as sun damage, inflammation, rosacea, or acne, or simply want a new way to fight back against the effects of aging, ZO® medical skin care products could be the ideal solution. The ZO® medical skin health range is intended for use by anyone, at any time, whereas the ZO® medical collection should only be used by professionals in an astute health facility.

To learn more about ZO® medical skin care products, speak to our advanced skin care specialists at West Empire Medical Spa about the treatments available, and which could be most beneficial to you.