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Candela VBeam in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Candela VBeam with West Empire Aesthetics

Smooth, Even Skin Tone

A rosy cheek is synonymous with youth and vitality. A touch of pink makes everyone look more lively—whether from being young or from a good workout. However, if that “rosiness” is caused by rosacea or broken blood vessels, this intense flush isn't the look you intend.

This is where West Empire Aesthetics and the Candela VBeam come into play. Our aesthetic specialists in Los Angeles can help with skin problems like rosacea and broken capillaries, as well as acne, pigmented scars, pigmented lesions, wrinkles, and photoaging.

Candela VBeam Los Angeles

What is the Candela VBeam Laser?

Restore your glow

The Candela Vbeam Laser is a pulsed dye laser that blasts the skin with intense bursts of yellow light (wavelength 595 nm). Red blood cells absorb this wavelength of light. Because blood vessels are made up of red blood cells, laser light can focus on these areas to fade or shrink the blood vessels with minor damage to the surrounding tissue. As a result, the blood vessels clot and are taken back into the body.

With the Candela VBeam Los Angeles patients can enjoy the unique cooling system that sprays a cooling mist onto the skin with each laser pulse. This protects the epidermis, the top layer of skin, and makes the patient more comfortable. Along with hemoglobin, the pigment in the skin, called melanin, also absorbs light with a wavelength of 595 nm. So if you want to laser a brown spot on your skin, you use a special handpiece. This handpiece squeezes the blood away from the desired area, leaving only the melanin to soak up the laser energy.

What are the benefits of Candela VBeam?

Candela VBeam Los Angeles


Our Los Angeles Candela VBeam treatment removes redness and other vascular problems to make the skin look younger, healthier, and even-toned. Most of the time, you can see results right away after a Candela VBeam treatment. However, because Candela VBeam can treat a wide range of conditions, the amount of improvement and time it takes to heal depends on your issues. For example, treatment works better on red veins than on blue veins. Also, spots with pigmentation may look darker for up to a week after treatment until new skin comes out that doesn't have spots.

Your Candela VBeam Consultation

Look Your Best

Candela VBeam laser therapy is a painless option for treating a wide range of skin conditions, from wrinkles to rosacea. An ideal skincare routine may include VBeam treatment. Discover how West Empire Aesthetics may help you look and feel your best.

Your Candela VBeam Procedure

Head-to-Toe Improvements

Before the Candela VBeam treatment, you should discuss the possibility of utilizing a topical anesthetic with your aesthetic specialists. During your session for the laser treatment, protective goggles will be used to shield your eyes from the light. You will feel a series of "zaps," which may remind you of the snapping of elastic bands. It is also possible to spray the mist directly onto the skin. The vast majority of our patients can do this without any issues.

After the treatment is complete, cold compresses are used. The time needed for therapy ranges from ten to forty minutes, depending on how many different regions need to be addressed. In order to achieve the most outstanding possible results, you might require multiple laser treatments.

Candela VBeam Results

Long-Lasting Results

One treatment with the Candela VBeam Laser may be enough to get long-lasting results. However, it may be necessary to undergo a course of treatments, depending on your aesthetic goals. Since the benefits build up over time, scheduling your sessions approximately a month apart is best.

Candela VBeam Recovery and Aftercare

Care For Your Skin

Depending on your doctor's treatment for red spots or blood vessels, you may have minimal redness, like a sunburn, after your treatment. After treatment, brown spots usually turn red, and dark and peel off after a few days. Most of the time, it takes a few days to a week to heal. After your Candela VBeam treatment, you shouldn't rub, scratch, or pick at the area. If your skin is red or itchy, don't swim, use hot tubs, or play contact sports. You can use your regular moisturizer, makeup, and sunscreen if there are scabs or spots.

Candela VBeam Los Angeles

Candela VBeamFrequently Asked Questions

Candela VBeam can be used safely and effectively on various body parts, including the most sensitive ones. As a result, it can treat the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, and legs.

Candela VBeam is effective for treating vascular skin problems like:

  • Rosacea
  • Red Birthmarks
  • Neck poikiloderma
  • Spider veins
  • Angiomas
  • Warts

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