Facial Rejuvenation

At West Empire Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, we offer a variety of facial rejuvenation treatments, to restore youthfulness and minimize facial lines. In addition, we can prevent the formation of wrinkles with medical skincare products as well as with aesthetic procedures aimed at maintaining youthful skin and keeping facial lines at bay.

Many factors can lead to the development of wrinkles and fine lines: repeated muscle contractions, reduction of collagen, sun damage, age, smoking, genetics, and more. When these unwanted facial features begin to show themselves, it can make individuals look older than they feel and sometimes older than they actually are.

Fortunately, there’s much we can do to minimize these undesirable signs of aging. The wide range of aesthetic treatments offered at West Empire includes the latest and best in cosmetic therapies employing injectables, lasers, micro-needling, medical-grade skincare, and more.



  • Onabotulinumtoxina – These injections are the best known and most popular form of treatment to reduce wrinkles and other unwanted facial lines. This toxin works below the surface of the skin and temporarily restricts underlying muscle movement for a smooth and refreshed facial appearance. It is also often used as a preventive measure to maintain a youthful look.

  • Abobotulinumtoxina – A type of injection specifically made to smooth and soften fine lines between the eyebrows (the glabella), this toxin has built a strong following. Natural-looking improvements can be seen in as little as two or three days following the treatment and the effects can last as long as five months.

  • Dermal Fillers – The amount of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases with age, resulting in reduced elasticity and ability to hold water (hydration), which makes the skin less voluminous and can lead to wrinkles, lines, and folds. Facial volume loss can be replaced by injecting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers into the skin, allowing soft tissue augmentation and facial rejuvenation. This non-invasive treatment offers instant results with little to no downtime.


  • CO2 – Fractional CO2 skin resurfacing lasers simultaneously rejuvenate skin on both superficial and deep levels. They effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, skin laxity and textural irregularities, as well as surgical and acne scars.

  • PicoWay – PicoWay utilizes short laser pulses to treat skin issues such as pigmentation, acne scars, and skin irregularities by breaking up pigment in age spots while also stimulating collagen production to smooth wrinkles. The PicoWay Laser targets the problem area without damaging the surrounding skin. This treatment requires less than 24 hours of downtime.

Other Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

  • Exceed Microneedling – Microneedling, also known as percutaneous collagen induction (PCI), is a non-surgical treatment that uses very short, fine, sterile needles to produce tiny punctures in the skin to promote a natural, collagen-stimulating healing process that improves flaws and skin quality. The Exceed™ medical microneedling device is clinically proven to dramatically improve facial wrinkles and acne scars after just 12 weeks.

  • VI Peel – The VI Peel is a chemical peel that safely removes the outer layer of the skin for a rejuvenated appearance and improved function. Highly effective as a skin treatment that improves elasticity and reduces signs of aging, this peel can also be used for correcting hyperpigmentation and treating acne scars.