What happens immediately after the surgery is completed?

Most patients choose to stay overnight for 23 hours. This is easily done as the surgery is performed on a medical campus. Some patients do decide to go home immediately after the procedure. We nevertheless advise that the safest option for patients is to stay overnight.

Before they leave, patients are placed on antibiotics and pain medicine. These medications may cause allergic reactions, nausea, constipation, and or upset stomach so patients should watch out for any symptoms and let us know immediately if they arise.

We ask that patients move about their homes after surgery and maintain good nutrition and hydration. As you might expect, patients need to avoid strenuous or sexual activity for a time after the procedure. Naturally, contact sports are off-limits for a lengthier period.

After the patient leaves us, we encourage the patient to let us know if anything unusual or worrisome occurs. In most cases, the first postoperative visit is one week after the procedure. At that time, we check all wounds and evaluate the patient to ensure no major complications have occurred. Drains may be removed at that time or at a later date.