Is breast augmentation just about size?

No. The goal of breast augmentation is always to improve the overall look of a patient’s breasts – size is just one aspect of the work. A properly performed breast augmentation aims to produce a more appealing shape, volume, and projection or direction of the patient’s breasts while also taking into account the relationship between their breasts and hips. The idea is to maintain attractive proportions that look and feel natural.


Does breast augmentation always involve implants?

Not quite always. Breast augmentation typically involves silicone or saline breast implants but can also be done via fat transfer. This type of breast augmentation takes fat from other areas of the body and injects it into the desired location after it has gone through a purifying process. This method is generally chosen by women who want a relatively small increase in breast size and shape, usually no more than one cup size.

Breast Augmentation Week by Week

breast augmentation los angeles week by week

Week 1

  • Chest wall tightness and heaviness
  • Breasts are commonly tight and high
  • Nipple numbness
  • Neck and back pain

Week 2

  • Water exposure of the treatment areas is allowed
  • Tightness is improved
  • Activity is encouraged
  • Itching may be present due to healing
breast augmentation los angeles week by week

Week 3

  • Pain or soreness can still be common, especially occasional shooting pains or tenderness at various points
  • Numbness may still be present .Swelling should mostly be resolved
  • Itching may be present due to healing

Who gets breast augmentations, and why?

There’s no typical patient for breast augmentation – especially in a large and diverse city like Los Angeles – and there are nearly as many reasons as there are patients. That said, many factors can influence a decision to undergo breast augmentation such as restoring the body after pregnancy (it is commonly included in the suite of procedures referred to as a mommy makeover) or significant weight fluctuations. It is also often obtained by individuals who wish to make their breasts more symmetrical and/or proportional to the rest of their bodies. Some patients get them to “look more like themselves” while others are simply trying to look as fabulous as possible. And, yes, many performers and models obtain them for largely professional reasons.


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