Why do people get breast reductions?

Breast reduction is generally intended to treat macromastia, or unusually large breasts. In some individuals, this condition can cause physical pain and emotional distress. Chronic back pain and the inability to perform specific physical activities, including some sports, are common problems associated with very large breasts. Constant unwanted attention for a single bodily attribute is also a common issue. The procedure’s emotional benefits for younger women, in particular, are well established.

Alternatively, some patients who undergo breast reduction procedures simply desire a more proportional appearance. For many women, a reduction also allows them to fit more easily into the clothes that they want to wear.


Who is a good candidate for breast reduction?

Los Angeles patients from all backgrounds have benefited from breast reduction offered by West Empire Plastic Surgery. Essentially, any patients with a bosom they consider excessively large for any reason and are in otherwise good health may be good candidates for breast reduction.


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