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tummy tuck los angeles
tummy tuck los angeles

What is a tummy tuck?

Put very simply, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty removes excess fat and skin and also tightens the abdominal muscles or abdominal wall. This procedure can be combined with liposuction (fat removal with a medical device called a cannula) to remove left-over fatty tissue and contour an abdomen that is tighter and smaller in terms of width.

Importantly, the surgery is not a weight-loss operation but a body contouring procedure that does what diet and exercise cannot do. That being said, most patients do end up losing about 10 to 20 pounds depending on the amount of tissue removed as well as their exercise and diet regimens after surgery.

Mini Tummy Tuck

Full Tummy Tuck

Who gets tummy tucks?

All kinds of people have concerns about their midsection so all kinds of people, from all genders and walks of life, get tummy tucks. As people age, skin may get loose and fat can accumulate in tough areas that will not improve with any amount of dieting and exercise. You probably have already noticed that the abdominal/tummy area is one of the places where excess skin and fatty tissue can accumulate on a great many of us, and few of us like it.

Just about anyone can suffer from this issue but some of us are more likely to suffer than others. We see many moms whose stomach muscles have gotten weak after C-sections or who have lost an unusually large amount of weight following their pregnancy. Tummy tucks, abdominoplasty to us doctors, are also often obtained by athletes and others who have had other surgeries that can weaken stomach muscles. Another group we see often are formerly obese weight loss patients. People who have lost large amounts of weight in their abdominal area following bariatric surgery are often left with large folds of loose skin which can only be dealt with through surgery.  Tummy tucks get rid of excess skin, tighten muscles, and typically lead to dramatic improvements in the feeling and appearance of the abdominal area.

Tummy Tuck Week by Week


Week 1

.Treatment area may be tender, sore, numb, swollen, or bruised .Burning and itching may be present .Drains will be present

.Wear compression garment .Rest and stay hydrated .No strenuous activity, no heavy lifting

Week 2

.Reduced pain .Drains are removed .Inflammation is decreased .Showers are allowed .Brisk walking is allowed

tummy tuck los angeles week by week

Week 3

.Some burning, itching may remain .Tightening of the abdominal wall .Improved mobility and appetite

Week 4

.Inflammation should be reduced by 80% .Less swelling .Increased energy

.Mild exercise is allowed, e.g., lifting light weights

Are all tummy tucks pretty much the same?2020-07-08T20:52:03+00:00

Absolutely not. Every patient is different and there is more than one type of abdominoplasty. Mini tummy tucks involve removing less skin and tightening only the lower abdominal wall or muscles. Full tummy tucks usually involve larger incisions that entail removing more skin and tightening the abdominal wall from the pubic bone all the way up to the lower chest. The best type of operation for an individual patient is largely based on the anatomy of the abdominal wall and the patient’s desires.

How do doctors know if it’s safe to perform tummy tucks?2020-07-08T20:52:42+00:00

A pre-operative clearance is required to make sure that the patient is healthy enough to undergo the operation. We do not operate on active smokers; patients may not smoke for four weeks before surgery. We emphasize safety above everything. If patients have active infections or have other problems, we do not recommend surgery.

How much time does it take to perform a tummy tuck?2020-07-08T20:52:48+00:00

It is usually a four-hour operation though sometimes it can take longer, depending on the size of the patient and if it is being combined with other procedures.

What about scaring?2020-07-08T20:52:32+00:00

The incision is hidden in the bikini line and can span hip bone to hip bone.


Are there any lingering after-effects I should know about?

Some ethnicities can experience darker scars than other people. We offer laser resurfacing treatments for those scars but sometimes scars do need revision. The way a scar heals is not under the control of the surgeon and this mostly has to do with genetics and sometimes patients stretching too soon and too aggressively. Other problems may include blood clots, pain, delayed wound healing, and problems with anesthesia.

Once healing is complete, patients are typically delighted with their outcomes. We do feel that this is an excellent surgery. If there are any further questions, please feel free to contact West Empire Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles for a virtual or in-office consult.

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