Immediately after the procedure patients are given instructions to ensure the best results possible before being released. It is crucial to follow all of the instructions. If you have questions about any of the directions we give you, please ask us right away.

In the days that follow a procedure, patients can expect mild pain, bruising, and swelling. Compression garments are often needed and a drain may be placed to ensure that fluids clear. Pain relief medication is typically prescribed as well.  Patients will most likely need at least a few days of rest before they can return to work, and up to a few weeks before they can resume more vigorous activity.

Results will not immediately show and it’s possible that the affected areas may look disproportionate at first, this is completely normal and generally comes as a result of the remaining fat repositioning itself. Provided that patients rest and follow all of our directions after the procedure, their enhancements should finally take shape within a few weeks to several months. At this point, liposuction results are typically long-lasting, especially with regular exercise and a healthy diet.